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Nutrition & Healthy Catering

Proper nutrition and a healthy relationship with food are vital to feeling your absolute best. Achieving the best diet for your body type begins with a complete assessment to working with a complete team including a nutritionist, physiotherapist, specialists all the way to home catering services.
DR. Rita Ramayulis, DCN, M.Kes (CHt, ZIN, ISCANTIK, Konselor ASI), is a nutritionist consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is a fitness instructor with a hypnotherapy certificate who has managed wellness programs for over 100 companies As the chair of the Association of Nutritionists of Indonesia, she is a well respected speaker for the government nutrition program, has been a resource in over 34 provinces and has been invited to appear in many media events throughout Indonesia. She manages a research centre on vegan diets being the number one choice for productive people who want sustainable health, high energy and sound focus.

Our Diet Program

• Speed
• Power
• Coordination
• Endurance (VO2 max)
• Balance
• Strength

• Diabetes
• Gout
• Healthy Liver
• Healthy Heart
• Cancer
• Infection & Allergies
• Healthy Kidney
• Autoimmune
• Disease

• Fat Loss Program
• Healthy Baby and Kids
• Nutrition for Teenagers to Help Growth
• Healthy Food
• Nutrition for Seniors


• Sports Massage
• Cranial Massage
• Manual Therapy
• Ultrasound
• Electro Therapy
• Compression Therapy
• Therapeutic & Functional Exercise
• Dynamic Stretching
• Specific & Targeted Muscle Strengthening
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Post Surgical Rehabilitation
• Sports Medical Team for Events