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Royal Spine & Pain Intervention Centre

Royal Spine & Pain Intervention Centre

Spine Consultant of the Royal Progress Hospital, has more than 20 years of experience, dealing with complaints about arthritis, fractures, spinal cord and nerve injuries, spinal and nerve infections, spinal shifts and other health problems in the spine.

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Royal Spine's comprehensive services, ranging from drugs, minimally invasive spine surgery to conventional surgery. Performed by a team of experienced Royal Spine doctors

Our Specialty


  1. Cervical spine, lower back and waist
  2. Disease of the cervical spine and replace the spinal joints
  3. Spinal deformity and scoliosis
  4. Spinal cord injury
  5. Spinal ceda
  6. Fusion of spinal joints
  1. Spinal cord and infection
  2. Tumor nerve Medulla Spinolis and spine
  3. Bone shift
  4. Minimized surgical incision technique with the help of sophisticated tools
  5. Keyhole surgery (Endoscopy)
  6. Intervention of neck, shoulder, knee and waist pain