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Royal Woman Centre

Royal Woman Clinic

Women's clinic is an integrated clinic that pays special attention to the needs of women starting in obstetrics and gynecology services, the availability of Fetomaternal Specialists, beauty such as plastic surgery, skin care solutions, laser therapy and anti-aging with all specilisers who are experienced in their fields.

We Provide The Best Service For You

Treatments with the Latest Technology
Experienced Doctors and Medical Personnel
Cost and Administrative Transparency

Our Clients

Our clients at the women's clinic:

  1. Obstetrics & Gynecology (women who are waiting for the presence of a baby or who have problems with the uterus)
  2. Plastic Surgery Beauty Clinic (women who want to beautify body shape)
  3. Skincare Solutions Beauty Clinic (women who want to always look bright)
  4. Laser Therapy Beauty Clinic
  5. Anti Aging Clinic (women who want to look younger)

Our Specialty


  1. Kandungan (Ginekologi): Penyakit kandungan, Kanker & Pencegahannya
  2. Anti Aging

  3. Medical Check Up Khusus Wanita

  4. Rekonstruksi Wajah & Tubuh (Bedah Plastik)

  5. Uroginekologi

  6. Edukasi Preventif & Kesehatan

  7. Klinik Estetika

  8. 16 Kamar VIP

  9. 76 Kamar Kelas 1 & 2

  10. Laboratorium Lengkap


  1. Senam Hamil
  2. Pijat Bayi
  3. Edukasi
    •  ASI Eksklusif

    •  Memandikan Bayi

    • Perawatan Tali Pusat

    • Rawat Gabung