Hemodialisis, Renal & Hypertension

Royal Progress Hospital Hemodialysis Clinic provides hemodialysis (dialysis) services for outpatients and inpatients with kidney and hypertension sub-specialists, general practitioners and experienced certified nurses.

By prioritizing patient safety and comfort, Royal Progress provides the best facilities such as 24-hour emergency & ambulance services and inpatient rooms at affordable prices.


Excellent Facilities:

  • Competent, certified and experienced medical personnel
  • Renal-Hypertension sub specialist doctor
  • Certified internal medicine doctor & nurse
  • 24 hours Emergency, HND, ICU and Ambulance Services
  • resenius Medical Care Products, Germany

dr. Ayu Andira Idris

Hemodialisis, Renal & Hypertension

dr. Dendi Kadarsan, SpPD, MM

Internal Medicine, Hemodialisis, Renal & Hypertension