Internal Medicine

Internist or known as Internal Medicine Specialist is a doctor who focuses on determine the type of disease experienced by patients. The disease in question, generally refers to a chronic disorder of prolonged organ function. Of course, in determining treatment, internal medicine specialists work together with other specialists as support.

Examination and handling of complaints is supported by various facilities such as Laboratory and Radiology & Imaging (CT-Scan, X-Ray and others) with the latest technology in order to get accurate results.

Royal Progress Hospital internist consist of:

  • Consultant internist in metabolic endocrinology and diabetes
  • Consultant gastroenterohepatology specialist in internal medicine
  • Specialist in internal medicine consultant for renal hypertension
  • Doctor who specializes in treating tropical and infectious diseases


  • Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, and others that aim to detect disorders of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, stomach and large intestine pain
  • Provide education to patients about the disease suffered and preventive steps that can be taken
  • Diagnose and treat acute illnesses and conditions, including infections and traumatic injuries
  • Collaborate with other specialist doctors, especially in terms of preparation for surgery