Our team of doctors have more than 15 years of experience in treating cases of cataracts in children and adults, tired eyes, crossed eyes, eye infections, glaucoma, eye cancer and other eye disorders. Consult your complaint with our ophthalmologist at the Royal Family Eye Centre.


Diagnosis and management of eye disorders

  • Cataracts in children and adults
  • Cataracts in infants (congenital)
  • Complicated cataract (difficult case)
  • Eye surgery complications
  • Refractive problem (minus or cylindrical eye)
  • Eyestrain
  • Cockeye
  • eye infection
  • Blockage of tear ducts
  • Glaucoma (damage to the nerves of the eye)
  • Eye cancer (Retinoblastoma)
  • Other eye diseases due to neurological disorders
  • Eye trauma & work accidents
  • Computer Vision Syndrome (Syndrome of Eye Disorders due to Using Gadgets for Too Long)


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